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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Every day we help our clients look and feel their best by offering a range of non surgical hair replacement options in our comfortable salon. Each member of the team at Advanced Hair is trained to understand the unique challenges of clients exploring non surgical hair replacement. We know how difficult hair loss can be and work hard to ensure that you leave our salon feeling empowered, positive, and beautiful. Our team regularly works with men, woman, and children of all ages, and is sensitive to the emotional issues surrounding medical hair loss. Contact us today to book your consultation and learn how we can help you.  


Industry Leaders in the Non Surgical Hair Replacement


Over the last several years, Advanced Hair has emerged as a leader in the field of non surgical hair replacement. Our founder created our organization after personally dealing with challenges of hair loss, and is motivated by a true and genuine passion to help others going through the struggles she experienced. This passion continues to push Advanced Hair forward in developing and refining the latest non surgical hair replacement techniques. In fact, we have technical three patents and are frequently involved in conferences and studies across the nation. We are proud to be an active member in these wonderful organizations:



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Non Surgical Hair Replacement Options


Since no two clients are alike, we offer multiple different non surgical hair replacement options to suit a range of needs and preferences. From younger clients with active lifestyles, to older clients dealing with medical issues, we take great care in exploring different approaches to match your budget, daily activities, and personal style.


Cranial Prosthesis


At Advanced Hair, we specialize in creating highly-finished, custom hair prosthesis for clients dealing with full or partial hair loss. This non surgical hair replacement option is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle: the prosthesis can be worn while working out, swimming, and sleeping. It’s a good solution for anyone wanting a semi-permanent option that they maintain every 5 to 9 weeks. A cranial prosthesis can be crafted for any length, texture, style, or color and is customized to the wearer’s scalp and hairline. Book a consultation to see if this solution might work for you.


Wigs & Extensions


Wigs and extensions are some of the most straightforward ways to tackle non surgical hair replacement. At Advanced Hair, our stylists offer high-quality options using only the finest human hair on the market. We work diligently to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and confident going out and enjoying life in their new style. We’ve supplied wigs, extensions, and other hairpieces for women, men, and children. Our comfortable wigs and extensions are subtle, beautiful, and easy to style.


Our In-Depth Consultations


Your experience at Advanced Hair will always begin with a detailed consultation with our knowledgeable and caring stylists. No matter why you’re visiting our salon, our helpful team is on hand to suggest the right non surgical hair replacement solution to make you feel confident and attractive. We’ll examine your scalp health, growth patterns, hair follicles, hair type, texture, and color. Take a look at our Results Album to see recent examples of our beautiful clients and contact us to set up your consultation today.





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