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We currently have paused the books for new clients. Please request to be added to the waitlist below if you would like to be contacted with available options.

Hair Replacement San Diego

Hair Replacement San Diego

Cranial Prosthesis (Hair System) is a non-surgical process of bonding or integration allowing the wearer to feel that their hair is a part of them and participate in active lifestyles (swimming, workouts, etc). Customized per hair loss situation, these hair systems can match any length, color, density, and texture; ensuring a natural and virtually undetectable look and feel.

Hair Extensions 

Hair extensions are not only designed to lengthen the look of your hair but may also be applied to increase thickness and volume. It is a great way to add depth and overall movement of your hair. Human hair extensions can also be custom-tailored to create the appearance of highlights and low lights without chemically changing your hair.

A free comprehensive hair extension consultation is completed initially with every client. This gives the client a chance to discuss their questions and/or concerns while we assess their hair prior to performing any service. During the consultation, we offer a free test hair extension. The extension is intended to give you an idea of how they feel in your own hair.

Crown Extensions and Toppers

Non Permanent Solutions, Clip-on and Bangs are great options for busy professionals, Moms, and students alike. Clip in hair extensions work best for individuals who have enough density on the top of their hair to clip to but may be experiencing thinning. Crown extensions come in both human and synthetic hair. Depending on the type of hair you choose, custom colors and highlights can be added. Bonded crown extensions are also available and are similar to a hair system in regards to maintenance.

How to Shine Your Crown

This instructional video shows you how to install and maintain a clip in Crown Extension

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