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Hair Extensions San Diego


Hair Extensions in San Diego are growing in popularity by the day. It's no surprise to us because of the young people we see experiencing hair loss. We also have taken note that the millennial generation love to express themselves in fun and creative ways. They are less confined to social norms and are open to many different hair replacement options. This acceptance of hair replacement has opened doors for all generations to feel good wearing traditional extensions, crown extensions, hair systems and custom wigs that make them feel great about their style!


It is important though to  work with an an extension specialist that uses a method that does not damage your hair by adding too much weight or using the wrong method for your hair type. The quality and type of hair is very important to achieve a seamless natural look that lasts.


Our Favorite Types of Extension Installation Methods:


Individual Strand Micro Link or Micro Lock Hair Extensions San Diego


Micro Links and Micro Locks are one of the safest and most popular types of hair extensions San Diego, for a wide range of hair types. This method gives clients the long flowy hair they want and the versatility for ponytails and updos. The individual strands make this extension type feel the most like your own hair.

This method is also often the most improperly used on people suffering from thinning hair. Unfortunately, some stylists can not resist using their hair magic to give hair loss clients the thickest fullest hair possible. However, when you have a client with thinning hair or who is seeking hair extensions due to hair loss, it is important to account for the weight and the length and consider how much stress will be put on the hair. The first extension install may be a blissful one when you get as much hair as possible but over the next few weeks your own hair potential become stressed and fall out. While our aim is to make clients happy, the goal is to keep lifetime clients and sometimes that means advising them that less hair would be better to not jeopardize the integrity of the existing hair.


Advanced Beaded Rows


Kacey Welch & NBR Method Inspired Weft Extension


We LOVE the Kacey Welch Method. This type of hand tied extension really reduces the stress on the hair by evenly distributing the weight of the weft across an expertly beaded row. It is important that your extension specialist does not over direct the hair causing stress that could lead to traction alopecia. This type of hair extension works great with clients that have fine hair but enough to cover the weft creating a natural beautiful look.


Tape In Hair Extensions San Diego


Tape-in extensions are typically used as a fun short term hair boost. Perfect for special events or for a seasonal style. This type of extension has a shorter wear period and the hair typically will not last as long as other types of extensions. Due to the tape adhesive some client’s body chemistry or warmer climates causes the adhesive to break down earlier than others. This means you will have a shorter time period between extensions maintenance appointments.  Many of our younger clients love tape in extensions for the versatility and more budget friendly cost.


Crown Extensions


Crown extensions also known as toppers are a type of hair system. These are the best solution for top of the head thinning or hair loss.  Depending on the degree of hair loss, a crown extension size and length will vary. During a free hair addition consultation, the hair color, texture and density selection will be determined to create the most natural appearance.  There is a variety of attachment methods for hair systems. Beginning stages of hair loss can easily be worn with clips. More advanced stages of hair loss will be semi-permanently attached with tape or medical grade adhesives. Removal and cleansing the hair is required every 4-6 weeks. This method is convenient to wear, wash and style just like your natural hair, without the hassle of a full wig or cranial prosthesis.


All hair extension methods require Proper maintenance every 4-8 weeks depending on the method worn and how fast your hair grows out. Timely maintenances combined with proper care the hair extensions can be re-used for 9-12 months.  It is the utmost importance to care for your extensions as the specialist has instructed to ensure any hair guarantee.


Cyber Hair Micropoint Extensions

These extensions work great for shorter styles that need more fullness. The cylinder is closed around the hair like the micro links but the hair is already attached to the cylinder. The hair disguises the cylinder so even in the top of your scalp you can not see it.


Why Hair Hair Quality/Type Matters?


We all know quality matters and high quality is better than low quality but when dealing with hair its best to find out the quality and type that is best for you.


Synthetic Hair - 


Most of us have experienced the type of synthetic hair that we see in Halloween store wigs. That is not the synthetic hair we are talking about. Some of our favorite manufacturers have produced quality synthetic hair that some clients prefer.


  • HD Fiber hair is a type of synthetic that is very high quality. It can be styled at 270-280 degree heat and has a silky and soft texture. As with any synthetic it is important to detangle everyday to avoid matting. This type of hair is typically only used with crown extensions and not as an individual extension


  • Cyber Hair doesn’t like to be called synthetic but it is not human hair. Cyberhair is the product of years of research and development, and even more years of meticulously fine-tuning the super-technology required to create realistic feeling, and looking, hair fibers. We install cyber hair in individual strands. The look is very natural and feels deceptively close to some of the best quality human hair.


100% Human Hair-


  • Remy Hair Full Cuticle Hair - Remy hair’s superior qualities are due to the method in which the hair strands are aligned in the natural direction as it grew, ensuring the natural feel, pattern, texture and cuticle direction. You may have heard of companies using human hair or even remy hair in their hair pieces or extensions, but unless it’s 100% Remy human hair, it could be a combination of human hair that is not aligned from root to tip when collected which ultimately causes matting and tangling, regardless of whether it’s human hair or combination.


  • Indian, Asian, Brazilian and European hair are all references to where the hair comes from.


The key to having extensions that look natural that you love is finding an extensions specialist that you trust. There are always going to be new techniques and fads and types of hair. A good extension specialist keeps up on anything new and can advise when something new would fit your needs.


Hair extensions are a great option for anyone in San Diego dealing with reduced hair growth or thinness. They’re also a fun way for clients to explore new lengths, colors, and styles. Our experienced hair extension San Diego team provides options to match your unique needs and budget. After years of experience, we’ve seen amazing results from a range of clients, including increased confidence, a restored sense of youthfulness, and simplified morning routines.


Hair Extension Consultation


We view hair extensions as an investment, so our stylists conduct a detailed consultation with each client to determine their best options. The consultation also includes a free test hair extension, which allows the client to see how the extensions will look and feel before committing to a style. Want to learn more? Book your consultation here.


Hair Extension Quality and Materials


The large range of hair extension styles can be overwhelming. From natural hair to synthetic options, it’s hard to know where to invest. Our talented San Diego team is here to answer questions and make recommendations that will work for your style and budget. When selecting hair extensions, you’ll want to consider your hair type, your style goals, lifestyle, and how much money you’re prepared to spend over time. There are two basic hair extension categories: individual strands or wefted panels. There are pros and cons to each approach. Our hair extension stylist team in San Diego can provide more detail during your consultation, but here’s a quick overview:


Individual Strand Hair Extensions


This approach allows for 20-40 strands of hair at a time to be applied to small sections of the client’s hair using heat bonding or metal clips. Micro Link Extensions are a great example. The number and length of strands applied depends on your desired look, and the health of your natural hair follicle. This option may not be suitable for very thin or damaged hair. During your consultation, your stylist will analyze your scalp and roots to determine if this approach is suitable for you. You’ll need to take special care with the finished product, making sure to carefully brush and gently style the hair to encourage minimal wear over time. This look will require maintenance every 4-8 weeks to prevent damage and ensure healthy regrowth. Application times vary by style, but can take up to 8 hours.


Weft Panel Hair Extensions


Panel hair extensions come in a variety of shapes, styles, and qualities. They can be any length, and come in a variety of widths. Panel hair extensions can be applied with tape, glue, sewing, or clips. This might be a good option for anyone dealing with fragile hair, or those who want to experiment with extensions before committing to a more expensive option. Panel extensions are easily applied and removed, and require styling every 4-8 weeks. Many of our San Diego clients love the convenience of tape-in extensions for everyday wear, while others request clip-in extensions for special occasions or formal events. With proper care, panel extensions can be re-used for several months. Our stylists explain how to care for your hair extensions to ensure the gentlest wear over time.


Our Hair Extension Application Process


Our San Diego hair extension artists use a range of hair extension types to create custom looks for each of our clients. From customers wanting a semi-permanent daily look, to individuals seeking an occasional formal event style, our team is on hand to provide recommendations and services to meet your needs. Depending upon the type of hair extensions you choose, application can take anywhere from one to several hours. During your consultation, your stylist will determine how long the first application will take. After your first service, the stylist will walk you through detailed instructions on how to care for your extensions, and when to book styling or re-application appointments.


Hair Extension Care


We view hair extensions as an investment that requires regular care and maintenance. At the very least, daily brushing and light styling are necessary to keep strands looking healthy and tangle-free. This also helps to encourage scalp health and cleanliness. Clients should never sleep in temporary clip-in extensions, and should avoid certain products as recommended by our team. Your stylist will provide a detailed list of “do’s and dont’s” unique to your extensions, and are always happy to answer questions.


Hair Extension Removal


When it’s time to remove or replace your hair extensions, book an appointment with our team. Removing hair extensions at home can be damaging to your natural hair and roots. Your stylist will know the safest and healthiest approach and will take between 1 and 3 hours to safely finish the job.

Ready to learn more? Book a consultation today and learn if hair extensions are a good option for you.

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