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Hair Replacement San Diego


With ongoing advances in contemporary hair replacement techniques, there’s no reason to continue suffering from thinning or damaged hair. And with over 40 million people dealing with hair loss, you’re not alone. Our friendly and knowledgeable team works with clients of all backgrounds, ages, and hair types to find the best hair replacement solutions for every lifestyle and budget. Every day, we love watching our hair replacement techniques restore the confidence and vitality that our clients had before the stress that thinning hair can bring. Advanced Hair Aesthetics offers a range of advanced technologies to help clients get lasting results.


Hair Replacement Technology


Our expert team of technicians and stylists have mastered a range of hair replacement techniques including cranial prosthesis, specialized hair extensions, and more. Many of these options are affordable, pain-free, and perfect for active lifestyles.


Cranial Prosthesis


A cranial prosthesis is an exciting option for clients looking to maintain an active lifestyle. This non-surgical solution involves bonding a prosthetic hair piece to the wearer’s scalp. Our technicians create highly-customized prosthesis’ that are designed to match any hair color, length, style, thickness or texture. With a professionally-crafted prosthesis, clients are able to swim, workout, dance, and enjoy life outdoors without worry. This hair replacement solution is perfect for teens and female clients seeking a comfortable and natural-looking option.


Hair Extensions &

Wearable Solutions


Hair extensions, wigs, and other wearable options offer a semi-permanent or temporary hair replacement function for a wide range of our clients. Depending on your desired look, existing hair, and maintenance needs, our stylists will suggest solutions that will work for your price point. If you’re looking to add length or thickness, this can be a great option. We offer crown extensions, weaves, micro extension, and other contemporary products to help our customers achieve beautiful and stylish looks. For busy moms or students, we can also provide clip-in hair pieces that offer an easy everyday hair replacement solution.


Our Consultation Process


At Advanced Hair Aesthetics, we know that each client is unique. That’s why we take the time to find the right hair replacement option for each person we encounter. Our stylists are sensitive to the issues surrounding hair loss and are committed to making clients feel confident and secure. We work with men, women, children, and clients from all different backgrounds. Take a look at our amazing results.


Whether you’re dealing with permanent hair loss or a receding hairline, Advanced Hair Aesthetics will help you find an option that works with your lifestyle and budget. Not sure where to start? Book a consultation with a friendly member of our team. They will put you at ease, walk you through several options, and make sure you leave our salon feeling empowered to choose a hair replacement solution that will restore your confidence.

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