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Did you know that, in the US alone, more than 40 million people suffer from hair loss? So, no matter how frustrating hair loss can be, know you are not alone.


Highlights, Hair Color, Hair Extensions, Crown Extensions, Hair Weaves, Women’s Haircuts, Wig Cuts are among the many services we specialize in.


Hair Loss and Scalp Analysis, Treatments,  and Hair Loss Product Evaluation and Check-Ups provided in our San Diego Clinic by a Certified Trichologist.

As we see all the first day of school pictures and share new haircuts and fashion, let's r


We offer several types of Cosmetic Hair Loss solutions in San Diego for both men and women. Hair Replacement, Hair Extensions, and Wigs.

Meet San Diego's

Hair Loss Specialist

Melinda Galloway HPT, a board certified

Hair Practitioner of Trichology has been

providing beauty and wellness services

throughout San Diego since 1996.


Her passion for hair loss disorders

evolved from her own personal struggle

with Trichotillomania (hair-pulling, an

anxiety disorder associated with hair-



Early on in her career as a cosmetologist,

she saw a gap between the cosmetic hair

service industry and medical professionals

in educating, helping and treating hair

loss.That’s when she decided to step in

and close that gap

Countless times clients told me they felt embarrassed, alone and unsure who to turn to for help. I wanted to bridge that gap between medical and cosmetic in a partnership that will equate health and beauty for all those in need.”

Melinda is involved as an active member or volunteer of the following professional organizations:



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