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If you’re looking for the best hair extensions in San Diego, book your free consultation with one of our skilled stylists today. Not only will they suggest the best hair extensions to match your style and budget, but they will also recommend application techniques and regular care routines to make sure you walk away feeling comfortable, confident, and beautiful. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our client results album for examples of our work. Whether you’re looking to add length, fullness, or just change your style, our team provides some of the best hair extension services in San Diego.

Hair Extension Styling Options

The best hair extensions are versatile and durable. In fact, professionally-applied, high quality hair extensions can be worn several weeks in a row, depending upon your styling preferences. Looking for a temporary solution to add drama for special events and date nights? Clip-in extensions may be a perfect solution. Want to add volume and length to your daily look? Consider bonded or woven hair extensions to make your vision a reality. We have a hair extension styling option to match almost any lifestyle.

Clip-in Extensions

Clients looking for a fast, easy, and customizable approach, might be the best candidates for clip-in hair extensions. Busy moms, students, and professionals love how our clip-in extensions can add fullness and length without regular salon visits. These extensions are easily washed and maintained at home, and can be styled to suit your individual length, coloring, and look.

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Bonded Crown Extensions

Some clients request a more permanent option when determining the best hair extensions for their lifestyle. Bonded Crown Extensions are a great solution, as they allow the wearer to maintain their look for multiple weeks at a time. The extensions can be safely bonded to the scalp with a skin-safe adhesive, allowing for a seamlessly-full look.

Hair extensions can be securely attached to fine braids close to the scalp. While this method can be time-consuming, it does allow for a beautiful and versatile effect. This method isn’t suitable for all hair types, but our dedicated stylists can provide guidance on determining if this option is right for you.

Quality You Can Trust

When looking for the best hair extensions in San Diego, it’s key to consider the materials that will make up your crowning glory. At Advanced Hair, we source only the finest quality real and synthetic hair for all of our hair extensions. In addition, we ensure that each extension is crafted with the best binding materials and adhesives. This allows us to provide some of the most natural-looking hair extensions possible and ensures that our clients’ styles remain fresh and attractive for months and weeks to come.

Hair Extension Cost, Care, and Maintenance

When you invest in the best hair extensions in San Diego, it’s important to consider the care and maintenance of each piece. The highest quality hair extensions can be as little as a few hundred dollars, depending upon the length and style you choose. Brushing, washing, trimming, and styling are all factors that can extend the longevity and beauty of your hair extensions. With diligent care, many of our clients are able to wear their hair extensions for several months. At Advanced Hair, our knowledgeable stylists train each client on appropriate hair extension maintenance, making sure that you walk away with the skills needed to make your investment last. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and see how hair extensions can fit in your budget.

A Natural and Beautiful Fit

Today’s hair extensions are more finely crafted than before, allowing us to create custom, seamless looks for our clients. In fact, hair extensions are a great option for working professionals, models, and moms that desire a natural-looking style. Bring inspiration photos to  your consultation to discuss with your stylist. They will recommend options that will make you feel your best without anyone knowing you’re wearing extensions. Or, if you’re looking for more drama, consider requesting a layered and long look. By using hair extensions that match your natural hair type and color variations, we’re able to achieve extremely high-end results.

The Consultation Process

One of the best things about working with Advanced Hair is access to a team of skilled stylists to help you find the hair extension solution that works for your needs and budget. Even if you are dealing with hair loss or thinning hair, our friendly stylists will present options that won’t compromise the strength of your natural mane. Once you book your free consultation, it’s time to gather pictures of hairstyles that you love. We will examine your hair growth patterns, hair type, texture, and color before confirming that hair extensions are right for you. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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