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San Diego Hair Restoration Service

We are San Diego’s hair restoration resource, providing professional, high-quality services for a wide range of clients. Advanced Hair has had the pleasure of helping those dealing with hair thinning and hair loss, and uses the most advanced technologies available to guarantee great results. Since hair restoration is a complex process, our San Diego clinic offers several different methods to tackle whatever challenges our clients are dealing with.


Options for a Range of Needs



The San Diego hair restoration services available in our clinic are designed to support a diverse group of clients; we work with young parents looking to maintain an active lifestyle, teens dealing with hair loss as the result of a medical issue, men experiencing balding, and those simply looking to change up their style. Whatever your reason for needing hair restoration, we can help.


Hair Restoration Services



We offer several proven, reliable, and painless hair restoration services, and are proud to consistently introduce new technologies into the field. We have multiple patented techniques to help our clients feel and look their best. Our-expertly trained team conducts a detailed consultation for each customer, determining the cause of hair loss, and the best hair restoration techniques to deal with the problem. Whether you’re focused on naturally regrowing hair, dealing with Trichotillomania,  we have painless and affordable options to help. Many of our customers are surprised at how many different hair restoration technologies we offer in our San Diego clinic. Advanced Hair offers cranial prosthesis, scalp analysis, laser hair therapy, hair extensions, micropigmentation, and more.



Hair Restoration

Hair & Scalp Analysis



For many of our San Diego clients, the first step in hair restoration is a detailed Hair & Scalp analysis. In this session, our Trichologists will assess the scope and potential causes of hair loss. We use a ProScope, a safe, non-invasive tool to view and analyze your scalp and hair follicles. Using this lens, we can detect the health of the hair follicles, look at new growth, hair patterns, and hair quality. In addition, we look at your medical history, lifestyle, and current diagnoses. All of this information helps us determine the best hair restoration technique for your unique situation. Depending upon the route you choose, we’ll conduct ongoing hair & scalp analyses to track the progress of your treatment.


Hair Restoration Techniques



Our Hair Restoration services are tailored to each of our clients’ needs. Here’s a quick overview of what we offer:

Laser Hair Therapy



Laser hair therapy (LHT) is a painless and non-invasive hair restoration option for a large range of clients. By stimulating blood flow and the release of nitric oxide to the scalp, we use LHT to help clients naturally regrow hair after an illness or genetic disorder. This process has been safely practiced for over 30 years and is approved for use in a wide range of ages.


Cranial Prosthesis



One of our most exciting hair restoration options is the cranial prosthesis. We can create highly-customized prostheses that are natural-looking, comfortable, and perfect for an active lifestyle. Our stylists spend hours creating each piece to match the wearer’s coloring and style preferences. The prosthesis can be worn for several weeks at a time and is secure during workouts, sleeping, and styling.


Hair Extensions & Wearable Solutions



Many of our clients opt for hair extensions and wigs as part of their hair restoration plan. Advanced Hair in San Diego uses only the finest quality human hair, and our stylists are able to craft an endless number of looks depending upon your taste. Our professionally-created hair pieces can add length, fullness, and texture to your look, helping you to feel your best.


Contact us today to book your consultation with one of our skilled stylists, or check out our Hair Results Album for inspiration.


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