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From the Root to the Tips: Understanding the Growth Stages of Hair

Updated: Mar 19

Model of hair growth below the skin on a table next to notebook

Hair, an emblem of our individuality, stands as a remarkable aspect of our appearance, carrying profound significance in our self-expression and identity. Delving into the intricate journey of hair growth and its various stages can illuminate the complexities surrounding hair loss. In this discourse, we embark on an insightful expedition into the growth stages of hair, unraveling the common causes and types of hair loss encountered by many.

Anagen Phase: The Blossoming Stage The anagen phase heralds the onset of active hair growth. Occupying approximately 85-90% of the scalp's hair at any given time, this phase sees hair follicles diligently producing new cells, which, in turn, propel the older ones outward, fostering uninterrupted hair growth. The duration of this phase spans two to seven years, contingent upon individual factors such as genetic predisposition and overall health.

Catagen Phase: The Transitional Interlude Following the anagen phase, hair gracefully transitions into the catagen phase, also recognized as the transitional phase. Spanning a succinct duration of two to three weeks, this phase witnesses hair follicles contracting and disengaging from the blood supply, heralding the cessation of active growth. Here, hair halts its elongation, poised for the impending phase.

Telogen Phase: The Tranquil Respite The telogen phase signifies a period of repose for the hair follicles, typically lasting two to four months. Constituting approximately 10-15% of the scalp's hair at any given time, this phase witnesses hair follicles in a dormant state, while fresh hair commences its growth beneath. Herein lies the groundwork for the shedding of old hair, as new strands prepare to emerge. It is customary to lose around 50-100 telogen hairs daily, a natural cadence that perpetuates the cycle of renewal.

Exogen Phase: The Shedding Transition The exogen phase epitomizes the culmination of the shedding process, occurring subsequent to the restful interlude of the telogen phase. Herein, aging hair shafts gently detach from the scalp, making way for the advent of new growth. While the shedding of 50-100 hairs daily mirrors the rhythm of the hair growth cycle, an excessive shedding may flag an underlying concern.

Comprehending the nuances of hair growth stages and the labyrinthine realm of hair loss equips us with the prowess to address concerns pertaining to hair health with efficacy. While a modicum of hair loss constitutes a natural facet of the growth cycle, an excessive thinning or shedding warrants diligent investigation. Seeking counsel from seasoned professionals like dermatologists or trichologists serves as a beacon guiding us toward elucidation and resolution.


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