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Permanent Make-Up Clinic Del Mar, CA


Considering permanent makeup, but not sure where to start? A visit to our permanent makeup clinic is a great step in determining if this option is right for you. Our specially-trained and licensed estheticians will analyze your skin type and lifestyle to establish if permanently defined brows, eyeliner, or lip color will work on your complexion. After lengthy discussions to determine that permanent makeup is right for you, you and the artist may discuss looks that compliment your face shape, coloring, and desired effect. 

Why Consider Permanent Makeup?

There are so many reasons that an increasing number of clients are requesting permanent makeup. Imagine waking up each day and heading out the door with minimal prep time, or avoiding the need to buy costly cosmetics. Saving money, saving time, and improving confidence are just a few of the positive benefits of this option. 


Save Time, Money and Energy with Permanent Makeup

Imagine having an extra ten minutes each morning to enjoy your coffee, take a walk, or plan your day. Our clients love permanent makeup because it saves time, money, and energy. Within the first few weeks of application, clients report feeling that they have more time in the mornings and start the day feeling refreshed, instead of rushed. Furthermore, permanent makeup eliminates the need to purchase expensive cosmetics and makeup remover, saving clients hundreds of dollars every year. This option is an effortless way to look your best every day. 


Permanent Makeup for Hair Loss

Autoimmune disorders, illness, or surgery can all cause devastating hair loss. It not only affects the scalp, but also the eyebrows and lashes. Our permanent makeup clinic specializes in working with clients dealing with this issue. Our skilled artists render natural and attractive features like eyebrows and eyeliner, which help bring definition to the most important part of the face. Gentle colors and shapes provide a great solution for clients looking for a subtle option. In addition, we offer scalpmicropigmentation, which can help create the appearance of thicker hair and a renewed hairline. All of these services have helped clients who previously felt reliant on wearing makeup everyday before leaving the house. 


A Great Solution for Allergies or Physical Disabilities

Another reason clients love permanent makeup isbecause it gives them an opportunity to have accurate, professionally-placed, natural-looking makeup that they otherwise may not be able to enjoy because of injuries, disabilities, or allergies. Reduced vision, hand mobility, or extreme skin sensitivity are all challenges that can hinder one’s ability to apply makeup, and our artists are more than happy to help. Our permanent makeup clinic is equipped to understand these obstacles and offer solutions that work. 


Permanent Makeup Consultation

Permanent makeup is very similar to the tattoo process. Once you and the artist have agreed on a look and an approach, they will create temporary tattoos to mimic the effect on your skin. This may take a couple of visits and conversations. After you are happy with the look, you’ll come in for the application. 



Depending upon the technique your artist uses, the ink is appliedinto the upper dermal layer of the skin, and has permanent to semi-permanent effects. The artist will use either a tattoo needle or a small blade to precisely inject pigment into the chosen areas. Our permanent makeup clinic is fully-equipped to provide safe, beautiful, and effective results. Our technicians undergo extensive training on the application, sanitation, and skin healing properties involved in permanent makeup application. In fact, this process requires our estheticians to earn special license which can only be attained through hours of supervised training. Our team uses new tools for every client, including single-use needles and blades. Our clinic operates by strict sanitary regulations to ensure a safe working environment. The procedure usually takes between 1 and 2 hours, and the skin is numbed before the process starts. 



Proper healing and aftercare are key to the quality and longevity of a permanent makeup application. In the first 2-5 days following application, the skin will begin its recovery process. During this time, the makeup will appear slightly darker or bolder, then fade as the skin heals. Like all tattoos, a slight scab or crust will develop during this process. It will naturally slough off, revealing your beautifully defined makeup. In this time, it is crucial that clients keep the area clean, lightly moisturized, and that they avoid picking at the skin at all costs. 


How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last? 

Since permanent makeup is normally lighter and finer than a typical tattoo, it will fade gradually over time. Your natural skin tone, the location of the makeup, exposure to the sun, and other personal factors, will also determine how long your permanent makeup lasts. Most clients schedule a quick 45-minute touch up sessions throughout the years to keep the application looking fresh. Since each person’s skin and lifestyle differ, there’s no formula to calculate when a touch up might be needed, however, we find that most of our clients return for work after one to five years.


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Scalp Micro Pigmentation

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