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San Diego Hair Replacement


It is hard these days for someone experiencing hair loss to wade through the ocean of online answers about hair loss. There are so many options and yet, sometimes it feels like there are none that are clear. These are some honest answers from The San Diego Hair Loss Specialist. It is still a lot of information to digest. We offer a free no obligation consultation for all cosmetic hair addition questions. We never recommend something that doesn’t benefit you and your appointment is confidential.

Hair Model

Hair Systems:


What is a Hair System?


A hair system is a prosthetic hair piece that is attached via medical grade adhesives or tape that remains on your head 24/7. A hair system is usually used for women experiencing extreme hair loss without a good chance of recovery. Hair systems are semi permanent and have to be maintained by seeing a hair replacement specialist every 4-6 weeks. Many women benefit from hair systems because the right one looks and feels so natural that they can recover from the emotional side effects caused by hair loss.

How Much Do Hair Systems cost?


A hair system is an investment. Insurances do not cover this as a medical expense unless it is a full cranial prosthesis and is prescribed by a doctor. I often tell my clients that this is “Beauty Therapy”. It is worth the investment if it will help you have more confidence in your life. Quality Crown Extensions and toppers start in the range of $1,000+. Quality custom systems range from $2,000 to $3,000. Of course if you are looking for Beyonce length hair you can expect to pay $5,000+.


The most important thing is to not be sold by online hype from factories that are selling cheap products and poor quality hair or even unethically sourced hair. The result is often damaged “do it yourself” disasters that end up costing far more than a quality system and professional service  would have. The damage to your self esteem and to the hair you are trying to keep is not worth the risk.


Can I finance a hair system?


Medical and cosmetic financers like Care Credit have not yet allowed financing of hair systems through their program. However many clients have been able to use their pretax dollars from their flex spending account. Talk to your tax advisor to see if this is an option for you.


What Are The Differences in Hair Systems?


Hair systems are not all created equal. One of the reasons that the consultation is so important is to see what your comfort limits are. Do you need to be able to have access to your scalp? Are you extremely sensitive on your scalp?  Are you wanting to try to keep growing your bio hair out under the system? These are all questions your hair replacement specialist should be considering. Other considerations are the length of your own hair, how much density you have on  the sides, if you plan to color your own hair and how fast your hair grows.


All of these factors determine the type and size of hair system to use. Some of the types are industry standard across all manufacturers and some are company specific. Some of the types you may hear are:


  • Monofilament

  • Lace Front

  • Poly Urothene


These names refer to the base that is attached to the scalp by surgical adhesive. The type hair is also considered. Remy hair is often considered the highest quality of human hair to use, this is referring to the processing of the hair.  The types of human hair can be Indian, Asian, Brazilian Hair there are also synthetic blends of hair. Ethically sourced means that the hair was purchased at a fair price that is equitable to the owner.


There are hundreds of altered names specific to each manufacturer. It can be very confusing and overwhelming and there is really no need to know each type if you find a specialist that you are confident with.

Hair Stylist

What are Crown Extensions or Toppers that clip in?

Clip in crown extensions, also called hair toppers, are a great way to help cover top of head thinning. Clip in crowns require that you have enough hair to clip to. Crown Extensions come in various colors and lengths. They can also be synthetic or human hair. Most hair can be styles just like your own. It is important that the color blends with your own. If you choose a human hair crown then it can be custom colored.  You can read more about this under San Diego Extensions. (LINK)

Also see our educational tutorial on caring for clip in crowns


Are Hair Systems just for Women?


No, hair systems are for both men and women. We currently specialize in women’s hair systems at Advanced Hair Aesthetics. However, companies like The Hair Club and Bosley are well known for their Men’s services. We do offer a modern option for men who would like a new hairline called Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

What is Scalp Micro Pigmentation?


Scalp Micro Pigmentation at AHA is a very popular cosmetic hair replacement treatment for men. It is similar to a tattoo in that it uses a needle but it is specialized in the type of needle and pigment used. The placement of the pigment is also different than a tattoo. The treatment takes 2-4 hours per session and requires 2-3 sessions depending on the scalp coverage. There both an artistic and technical component to a designing natural looking hairline and filling in with density while blending with your own hair. SMP can also help camouflage scars from FUE or FUT hair transplant. On men it is typically best to keep short hair for the most natural look. Many women use this treatment to fill in density on seperated parts or calics.  To find out more about SMP check out the San Diego Scalp Micro Pigmentation tab.

micro pigmentation.jpg



We are currently reviewing and revising this method to better serve our clients. Invisablend is a breathable lightweight hair system that allows you to access your scalp for various treatments.

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